When booking hospitality there is nothing more reassuring than knowing your supplier is a direct rights holder or authorised by the venue to sell. With so many hospitality packages and options to choose from, and so much at stake, it is vital companies know what they are booking and understand the differences between official and unofficial providers.

Circuit are proud to be rights holders, or authorised to sell, at the following Premier League Clubs:

  Manchester United
  Aston Villa
  Man City
  West Bromwich Albion
  Tottenham Hotspur
  Stoke City

Circuit owns the packages and tickets that it sells, and can provide seat numbers and locations at any time. If you buy a football hospitality package from Circuit you will receive what you pay for. Circuit only sells official hospitality, guaranteeing customers the best facilities, official valid tickets and above all, peace of mind.

NB: As an example, Manchester United does not allow authorised resellers to use the crest to promote their hospitality, so if the company you are buying from does use the Manchester United crest then they are not authorised to do so, and there is a chance you are not getting the best value for your spend.

Official hospitality providers are authorised by the event owner or rights holder to market and sell hospitality packages on their behalf. This is to ensure that all elements of the delivery are controlled, ensuring customers receive the best possible experience. Unofficial providers do not own facilities, or are not authorised to sell packages, and therefore you have no guarantee that you will receive what you have paid for.

Unofficial suppliers often rely on black market tickets, and often speculate on whether they can secure tickets. You may be offered a really special deal to pay very early, with the unofficial supplier hoping they can secure tickets later to fulfil your order. In extreme cases they cannot secure these tickets, and you are left with no package, or one well below the level you were expecting.