making a booking

Is it safe to buy online?

Is it safe to submit information and purchase through the Circuit online booking system?

What is the minimum age for making a booking?

Can I make a provisional booking?

How far in advance do I need to book?

How do I pay for my purchase when booking online?

Is there a surcharge for paying by credit card?

Are there any hidden costs?

Can I pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer?

Can I pay a deposit to secure my packages?

I have a confirmed booking but I wish to cancel, can I get a refund?

Can I amend my booking once I have completed the online purchase?

Are prices per person?

Is VAT included?

What happens when I email an enquiry?

What are your office hours?

Can I book over the phone?

Minimum numbers

I have a large group I wish to book for, can I complete this online?

Which events can I purchase online?

What are the terms and conditions of sale when I purchase packages?

How do I purchase hospitality online?

our packages

What is included in the cost?

Can I buy a match ticket only?

Do children and infants need a match ticket?

Will I know where I will be sat in the Stadium when I make my booking?

Will all my tickets be located together?

Are drinks included in the price?

Is parking included?

After you have made a booking

What documents do I need to take with me when I attend my event?

What happens after I submit my details to make a reservation?

When will I receive tickets/packages for the event?



Hotel accommodation

Can I specify catering arrangements for guests?

Private tables

Dress code

Can we bring our own branding, theming or promotional material?

Where is the best place to meet my guests?


Can you keep me updated on up and coming events?

Can you provide hospitality for an event not listed on your website

Why are unofficial agents often cheaper?

Any other questions?