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No booking Fees | Only official packages | No credit card fees | Free delivery

The biggest question you will face when buying online is, can I trust the company I am buying from, and do they offer me the best solution to my request.  At Circuit we believe we can offer reassurance, with our position as the leading authorised supplier of Premier League hospitality. Apart from this there are many other reasons, listed below, why selecting Circuit is the only logical choice.

Whether you want a VIP experience at Old Trafford, or any other Premier League stadium, look no further than Circuit! Not only will you be able to savour some of the most magical experiences sport has to offer, you and your guests will be wined and dined with award winning hospitality.  


The Best Value

Because we either own facilities direct at venues, or have relationships with official venues or rights holders we can offer the best hospitality at a great value. With many events you may find equivalent or lesser packages available from other agents at inflated prices. These packages may have gone through several agents hands before they reach the customer, inflating the price. If you use an official supplier such as Circuit you can be guaranteed to get the best value and the best packages for your spend.

Exclusive facilities not available elsewhere, including directly from the club

Several of the packages we offer are exclusive to Circuit, and are not available to buy even direct from the clubs. They may be facilities that we own entirely or facilities where the club only sells on a seasonal basis. By buying from Circuit you can enjoy some of the most exclusive facilities for the matches that you want to attend, rather than investing for every match of the season.


Whatever event you wish to attend we are often able to find various solutions, so you have the flexibility to select the most appropriate solution for you. You may prefer the most exclusive package, or would be more suited to a lower value ticket only option. We will always ensure you receive best value for money, and an experience that is right for you.

Happy Customers

Circuit has an extensive client database, including both smaller businesses and larger multi-nationals, from UK and overseas. We pride ourselves on the service we give to these customers, and our retention rate is very high. We care about building relationships and being there for every single customer. If at any point you would like references from any of our customers then do not hesitate or be embarrassed to ask, we are more than happy for you to hear first-hand how we can provide excellent service. We know that when booking hospitality, peace of mind is of primary importance.

Official Appointments

Circuit is one of the largest stock holders of Premier League hospitality, with facilities and authorised reseller status at Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Fulham and West Bromwich Albion.

We are also the largest independent authorised reseller of Manchester United and Manchester City worldwide.

If you would like confirmation from any of the Clubs we would be happy to provide contact details of a representative who will confirm our position and ability to provide what we are quoting. We only supply hospitality and tickets that are official, and only work with official venues or licensed rights holders.


As an independent supplier of hospitality we offer a greater level of flexibility than Clubs direct. Instead of buying seasonally direct from a club, buy the matches that you really want from Circuit. This will save you money, and give you the flexibility to change numbers depending on what you need for each match. Buy two for a special client one week or ten for a bigger day out the week later – don't be committed to the same number each week if it doesn't suit you.

Various Enticing Promotions

Unlike the Clubs direct Circuit are able to offer special promotions, so keep your eyes open for details of special offers that may be of interest, offering you even greater value.

Flexible Payment Terms

If you buy hospitality direct from a club you will invariably have to pay the full amount on booking to confirm. Circuit offers flexible payment, so you can secure you packages with a deposit, and we can invoice for payment after the booking has been taken

Paper or Electronic Tickets

Many unofficial providers without the authorisation to sell by the club will simply sell someone else's facilities when they are available, and will often send seasonal cards that need to be returned. Circuit will only provide either paper or electronically transferrable tickets, provided direct by the club, and for the match you have purchased.

Seat Details available before you purchase

As Circuit owns the seats it sells we are able to provide the exact seating location for every package you buy, at any point in the sale process.

If you would like to know these details before making a purchase please call one of the team on 01454 201210.

All seats located together

With such large stocks we are able to ensure all your party are seated together, when you make a booking in one of our main Clubs facilities, unlike smaller suppliers who may source small groups from different sources.

Full seat details can be provided before or after you make the purchase by calling one of the team on 01454 201210 or by e-mailing us -

Private tables (Where available)

Because of the extent of our rights ownership at Clubs we are more often than not able to offer private tables to suit your booking size, especially if you book early.  If you wish to share your table with another booking or are placing multiple bookings please let us know asap.

Out of Hours Phone Service

Although office hours are 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday Circuit offers an out of hour’s service for enquiries, so you can always contact us when you require something last minute, or if you need assistance on an event day. Simply call the main number 01454 201210 and the call will be directed to our out of hours number.

Friendly Service at all times

Everyone at Circuit enjoys helping you find the perfect hospitality solution, and we love to talk to you. If you want to chat through an idea of what you would like to do then give our team a call, we will always provide a friendly no-obligation quote.

All tickets are delivered at least 2 weeks prior to the event

As Circuit owns the seats it sells we will endeavour to dispatch all tickets at least two weeks prior to your event, and can send tickets immediately upon booking if you require them straight away.

Quick response to your Enquiries

With a team of experienced hospitality professionals Circuit is able to respond quickly to your enquiries, so whether you call in the office or email your enquiry we aim to get back to you within one hour of you expressing an interest.

Expert Impartial Advice

With over 30 combined years of experience we are able to offer you expert impartial advice about your booking. Whether you are interested in a package we have to sell or simply want to speak to someone for some advice, we will do all we can to help you. 

The Price you see is what you pay!

If you visit the Circuit website and look through the package we have available you will see exactly what each package includes, and exactly what you will pay for it (All our prices are shown as plus VAT - 20%).

Many other supplies do not provide this information, leaving both the package and price open so they can see what is available and judge what to charge you. Because we own the stock we price our packages in line with the Clubs direct, if not a little lower, so there are no surprises. There will never be any hidden service charges that come to light after you have purchased.

We do not charge Credit Card fees, booking fees or delivery. 


With our dedicated team we will never be more than a phone call away from helping you. Not only will we give our upmost to help you find the best solution to your needs, but we will be there to help you right up to the event. If you need our help sourcing travel or accommodation, or your event is a special occasion and you require a cake or gift, then Circuit will be able to source what you need. We are happy to go the extra mile to make your experience special, so do not hesitate to talk us through what you need, and will be glad to help.

Last but not least; Quality

Circuit hand picks the facilities and packages that it sells, constantly ensuring that we offer experiences of exceptional quality. We want you to have a great time, so continually strive to improve the quality and range of what we have to offer.